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Åsele is located in southern Lapland in northern Sweden. The nature consists of a forest landscape where the river, Ångermanalven, flows. There are many lakes, ponds and streams that provide good fishing and gives many opportunities for boat or canoe trips. There are also many marshes where cloudberries grow. In addition to this raspberries, blueberries and lingonberries as well as mushrrom grow in our forests and are free for anybody to pick.

The landscape is hilly and there is plenty of evidence from the great Inland ice such as ridges, caves, canyons and rock formations. Our highest mountain, Stenbithöjden, reaches 668 meters above sea level. However, there are only a few hours drive to the higher mountains in our neighboring municipalities with peaks that reach a bit over 1500 meters above sea level.

The Swedish king of animals, the moose, is common in our region and in the winter reindeers as well. In addition you can often see deer, fox and various large birds such as capercaillie and black grouse and not so often the four large predators brown bear, lynx, wolf and wolwerine.

Åsele is located in the 6th or 7th cultivation zone depending on the distance to the river. Bright summernights make it favorable to grow berries, roots, vegetables and flowers. The forests consist of a mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees such as spruce, pine, birch and aspen.

The only nationalpark in the county of Västerbotten is located in the eastern part of Åsele and is called Björnlandet. Björnlandet has a magnificent wilderness and one of Sweden's most valuable primeval forests. Parts of the nationalpark has hiking trails and resting areas.


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