Schools and child care

In Åsele we have:

  • Sweden’s best school
  • 2 elementary schools class 1-9 (1 in Åsele, 1 in Fredrika)
  • 4 preschools (3 in Åsele, 1 in Fredrika)
  • Music school
  • Study center for adult education
  • After school care age 6-12
  • School library

Åsele does not have its own senior high school but there are daily buses for commuting to the high schools in our neighboring municipalities Lycksele and Vilhelmina.


The Parent Alliance has elected Åsele elementary School to the best school in Sweden in 2010!
The average placing in the list over the past five years is place 4. 

SKL (Swedens municipalities and counties) open comparisons places the school in Åsele as the third best in the country in the year of 2010.