Start a business

The following or help and support is available for those who owns a business or want to start a one in Åsele:

Åsele Enterprise Foundation (ÅNS): a municipally-owned foundation that works to aid and assist companies in their start-up, municipal affairs and government relations.

Västerbotten County Administration: County-wide authority that deals with support issues

  • Regional contribution to enterprise development: at most 1.2 million over three years, 50 % is a grant.
  • Micro Grants for start-ups: at most 30 000 SEK, 50 % grant.
  • Cooperative projects can receive 50 % grant when at least 3 companies work together
  • Consultant's checks for the hiring of external consultants in areas where one lacks own skills. The grant is 50 % and max 150 000 SEK.
  • Regional investment aid: aid for investment of more than 2.4 million, max 35 % grants

Entrepreneurial Center: A county project which for up to three years provides free assistance to new entrepreneurs about for example patents, marketing, pricing, business model or budgets. Contact the Åsele is Margaret Hanson, Maggans Ekonomitjänster AB.

Åsele Learning Centre: Assists entrepreneurs find solutions to educational needs in addition to handling all adult education.

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